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Tips for Choosing Reliable Aluminum Sheet Coil Suppliers in China

It’s widely acknowledged that in China, aluminum sheet coil has been overproduced for years. Manufacturers, eager to find a solution overseas, build foreign trade departments one after another. On the one hand, this is undoubtedly good news for international aluminum alloy purchasers. On the other hand, however, buyers are confused by numerous e-mails from various suppliers. How to choose reliable …

Aluminum Sheet Coil

Aluminum Sheet Coil for Food Packaging

Aluminum sheet coil, as a bulk commodity, is familiar to everybody. Speaking of its application, many people would give answers like building decoration, kitchen cupboards, automobiles, ships and vessels, planes, advertising boards and even bottle caps, but few people connect aluminum sheet coil with food. In Color Aluminum Coil Used for Food Containers we elaborated on how color coated aluminum coil can …

aluminum sheet coil

Aluminum Sheet Coil Used for Packaging

In the huge aluminum alloy family there is a type of thin aluminum sheet coil, whose thickness remains 1mm below. It’s so thin that even a baby can bend or fold it easily. It’s strength, on the other hand, turns out to be so surprising sometimes that an adult may feel difficult to tear it. This magic material is commonly …

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