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Aluminum Sheet Coil Used for Packaging

March 21, 2018

In the huge aluminum alloy family there is a type of thin aluminum sheet coil, whose thickness remains 1mm below. It’s so thin that even a baby can bend or fold it easily. It’s strength, on the other hand, turns out to be so surprising sometimes that an adult may feel difficult to tear it. This magic material is commonly referred to as packaging aluminum and widely applied to items in daily life.

aluminum sheet coil

A normal usage is tubes for toothpaste and unguent. When people use toothpaste every time, they tend to squeeze from the very head of a tube. After using the toothpaste for a period of time, they have to squeeze harder and harder to get the remaining paste out of the tube. A tube of toothpaste, if used by a three-member family, can last a month or more. During this period it does not crack and is easy to be cleaned. This process perfectly proves advantages of aluminum sheet coil–good separation and anti-corrosion property, solid and convenient to be maintained. Another application in packaging of aluminum sheet coil is covers of bottle necks. Owing to its favorable tensile property, good sealing effect and strong adsorption of ink, packaging aluminum is more and more widely used for bottleneck covers. Not all bottlenecks, however, are covered with aluminum sheet coil, which is only applied for upscale wines, fruit spirits and soy sauces.

Aluminum sheet coil can also be used as covers for medicine. In the past, when there were no drug stores, pills used to be kept in glass or plastic containers. Doctors would fetch out several pieces from this bottle, several pieces from that bottle, and then put them together on a small piece of paper which would later be folded together. Nowadays, however, few people go to a doctor any more for small sickness like a cold. They go to drugstores where they offer pills separated by aluminum sheet coil on a hard board. If they can not consume all the pills for one cold, they can leave them for the next one. The pills won’t get moist or destroyed since they are protected by the covered packaging aluminum.

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