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Tips for Choosing Reliable Aluminum Sheet Coil Suppliers in China

April 8, 2018

It’s widely acknowledged that in China, aluminum sheet coil has been overproduced for years. Manufacturers, eager to find a solution overseas, build foreign trade departments one after another. On the one hand, this is undoubtedly good news for international aluminum alloy purchasers. On the other hand, however, buyers are confused by numerous e-mails from various suppliers. How to choose reliable aluminum sheet coil suppliers in China? As a manufacturer with 15 years’ exporting experience, Haomei has some tips for you.

First, check whether a supplier has necessary exporting certificates. Many aluminum sheet coil suppliers may declare that they have various certificates, but actually they don’t. To verify this you can ask them to show you electronic copy of the certificates. Mostly suppliers have certificates like CE and ISO, and some have more targeted ones. If your country have special requirement about certificates, ask your supplier for it.

aluminum sheet coil suppliers

Second, check whether the supplier is a manufacturer. All purchasers want to buy quality products at low price. As known to all, one of the most effective way to realize this is to buy from manufacturers, not trading companies. Therefore, many trading companies declare that they are manufacturers to win your trust. Don’t take this without checking. Ask for factory and workshop pictures. If you have chance to visit China, you will quickly make your judge whether your chosen aluminum sheet coil suppliers are real manufacturers. Observe the scale of their factories, the area of their offices and the professional level of their salesmen before making your decision.

Third, when you have a dilemma among several aluminum sheet coil suppliers, check whether they have exporting experience to your country. If yes, they will show you necessary evidence like pictures and statistics. An experienced supplier will save you a lot of trouble in later periods. If none of them have relative experience, it’s wise to choose the most professional one.

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