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bottle cap aluminum coil

Specifications and price of bottle cap aluminum coil

An aluminum trim cap coil merges as a new bottle cap sealing material with characteristics of beautiful appearance, good sealing effect and satisfying counterfeit function. As a result, it catches on in the sealing packaging of beverage bottles, wine bottles, cosmetic bottles, medicine bottles at home and abroad. Specifications of bottle cap aluminium coil are as below. Its alloys cover …

aluminum trim cap coil

Aluminum trim cap coil quality control

Haomei realizes quality control of its aluminum trim cap coil through aluminium stocks, process, stretch bending and instant quality inspection. The stocks for aluminum cap coil must have a medium crown of 0.2-0.8% and longitudinal thickness difference not more than 0.1M. The surface of the blanks should be free from cracks, bubbles, pores, corrosion, peeling, periodic marks, metal and non-metal …

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