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5052 aluminum coil stock

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5052 h38 aluminum coil stock

5052 h38 aluminum coil stock

5052 h38 aluminum coil stock contains elements of aluminum and magnesium. Aluminum is well-known for its unusual light weight among metals, which makes it perfect substitute of steel in many areas. Few people know, however, that magnesium boasts even smaller density than aluminum. Densities of the two are respectively 2.699 and 1.736. Therefore, 5000 series of aluminum alloys, mixed with …

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5052 Aluminum Coil Stock Used for Tanks

For green-hands in the industry of aluminum coil stock it’s not difficult to learn its numerous applications. What’s really a challenge is how to distinguish confusing usages of aluminum alloys based on their crossing characteristics. Take 5052 for example. As known to all, its most exceptional features are super corrosion resistance and high strength, which makes it suitable to be …

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