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5052 Aluminum Coil Stock Used for Tanks

March 9, 2018

For green-hands in the industry of aluminum coil stock it’s not difficult to learn its numerous applications. What’s really a challenge is how to distinguish confusing usages of aluminum alloys based on their crossing characteristics. Take 5052 for example. As known to all, its most exceptional features are super corrosion resistance and high strength, which makes it suitable to be used in products that require these two properties. Do you really learn, however, what concrete parts is it used in these products?

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One of the usages of 5052 aluminum coil stock is all kinds of tanks. The first is fuel tanks for gas or liquefied gas. The former can be seen everywhere. Flying motor bikes loaded with cylindrical fuel tanks are no novel scene in big streets and small alleys. Although collective supplying of natural gas has covered almost all cities, fuel tanks still occupies a lucrative market share owing to prosperity of roadside food market. Urban management department in many cities have made great effort in vain to eliminate electric tricycles with all kinds of cheap delicious foods parking along busy roads near hungry white collar workers.

Another usage of 5052 aluminium coil stock is for oil storage tanks. We are familiar with petrol stations but not necessarily with oil storage tanks. We sometimes spot a large truck with a huge lying cylindrical tank on the highway or even on city streets. The content in the huge tank is in fact petrol. The tank is usually connected to a long iron chain which sweeps the ground with constant noise so that extra heat, which might cause fire, is delivered to the ground. A third normal usage falls on water pressure tanks. These tanks are usually used as standby tanks of water supply systems. If the system works normally, the tanks serve as a part of the pipeline, but once the system does not work, the water in the tanks can be delivered to households.

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