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5052 h38 aluminum coil stock

February 12, 2020

5052 h38 aluminum coil stock contains elements of aluminum and magnesium. Aluminum is well-known for its unusual light weight among metals, which makes it perfect substitute of steel in many areas. Few people know, however, that magnesium boasts even smaller density than aluminum. Densities of the two are respectively 2.699 and 1.736. Therefore, 5000 series of aluminum alloys, mixed with magnesium, become popular raw materials for products required of low weight. Besides, both elements display strong corrosion resistance. Combining the two elements together, 5052 aluminium coil shows extraordinary anti-rust property. Despite its smaller density, magnesium has low percentage of elongation, which restricts its application substantially. To put its advantage of light weight into full use, people have mixed it successfully with aluminum whose ductility is so prominent that it can be made into aluminum foil of thickness only 0.08 or less.

5052 h38 aluminum coil stock

Experts predict that 5052 aluminum coil stock will become the most promising alloy, because perfect properties enable people to use it in various industries. The coil, as mentioned above, has good anti-corrosion property, excellent welding property, satisfying cold workability, strong fatigue resistance and medium hardness. It can be polished as well as embossed. 5052 aluminum coil has a elongation of 12% to 20%, double that of 1060 aluminum sheet. It covers a wide range of application. Construction industry proves to be the largest market. Umbrella ribs and plane tanks can also be made of 5052 aluminum coil.

As one of the largest aluminum manufacturer in China, Haomei supplies aluminum coil stock 5052 h38 of all usual specifications. Common tempers include O, H24, H32, H34 and H112, wideness from 400mm to 600mm and thickness between 0.15mm to 0.5mm. We have 15 years of exporting experience. If you want aluminum coil of any alloy, please contact us at april@aluminumhm.com for more information! You are also welcome at wechat/whatsapp 0086 158 3802 9491!

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