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Pros and Cons of Aluminum Coil for Venetian Blind

December 14, 2018

Venetian blinds are winning more and more popularity because of their simplicity in design and convenience in function. In additions to bamboo, glass and plastics, aluminum coil rolls prove to be another fashionable material for venetian blinds. Aluminum coil for venetian blind is usually oxidized and baked to prevent corrosion and rust. It has smooth surface, excellent handle, rich color, good resilience and toughness.

aluminum coil for venetian blind

Generally speaking, aluminum coil for venetian blind is featured by light weight, excellent processing adaptability, strong corrosion resistance and high precision in size. A piece of aluminum blind is usually a hollow body consisting of two thin pieces of aluminum strips. In contrast, bamboo and glass blinds are mostly heavy solid pieces, which reduces their flexibility to a certain degree. Plastic blinds can be as light as aluminium ones, but they are more vulnerable to sunshine. The aluminum coil is adaptable to various processing methods for metals, such as cutting, deep drawing, spinning, polishing, anodizing, wire drawing, coating and so on. After being anodized by the surface, aluminum coil for venetian blind takes on any given colors with high brightness. Owing to high strength, it can be made into blinds of larger frames without the blades getting deformed by gravity, which not only saves material but also adds a sense of layer to a room. As known to all, anodized aluminum has extraordinarily strong corrosion resistance. Therefore, aluminium blinds are featured by strong resistance to color fading, surface peeling, alien coating, rain, sunshine and other common exterior influencing factors. Good cutting performance of aluminium coil enables blind manufacturers to slit it into tapes of precise sizes, which are further made into blinds of excellent sealing effects.

In spite of pros above, aluminum coil for venetian blind has cons of poorer heat insulation performance. What’s more, aluminum blinds of low quality may have problems of color fading and poor sealing. Therefore, it’s critical to choose reliable suppliers and retailers in your purchasing task.

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