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One-bar Embossed Aluminum Sheet Metal Used for Stair Steps

October 17, 2018

One-bar refers to a bar-like pattern type embossed on metal sheets. One-bar embossed aluminum sheet metal is among the most widely applied embossed aluminum. Other popular patterns of embossed aluminum sheet include diamond and five bars. Most common alloys of aluminum sheet metal can be made into one-bar embossed sheets, such as 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100, 3003, 3004, 5005 and 5052. The unique one-bar pattern has two basic functions: slip resistance and decoration, therefore, sheets with such a pattern are usually used for walls and flooring, among which are stair steps.

embossed aluminum sheet metal for stair steps

One thing worth emphasizing is that one-bar embossed aluminum sheet metal does not serve as material for the whole body of stair steps. It functions only as a cover, the main body of a stair is still made of steel and concrete. In most cases, new concrete stair steps are rough enough to prevent people from slipping over, but their surface gets slippery soon after a period of usage. With places requiring little decorative effect, people have a simpler solution to such a problem: to embed one or two thin steel bars into each step. This realizes an excellent anti-slip effect and reduces cost. At places like shops and hotels, however, people need to decorate the stair steps to make the whole place look grand and attractive, and they choose embossed aluminum sheets. Why? First, the sheets have good anti-skid property. Second, regularly arranged patterns look beautiful. Third, aluminum sheets cost less than steel ones because they have a much smaller density. Last, the sheets have a corrosion resistance which can totally compete with that of stainless steel sheets.

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