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1050 HO Temper Aluminum Circle Plate Used in Cookwares

October 16, 2018

1050 ho temper aluminum circle plate is representative of 1000 series of aluminum discs. H and O are two common series of tempers for aluminum circle plates. O refers to the soft state of the plate without cold hardening which means to improve the circle plate’s hardness by special processes. For example, H1 means the hardness obtained by pure cold hardening, and H2 means that the plate has gone through a further process of incomplete annealing, because its hardness after cold hardening surpasses that required, while H3 refers to the hardness after both processes of cold hardening and stabilizing treatment. Therefore, H state may stand for H1, H2, H3 to H112. The second number after H represents the circle’s hardness degree, which weakens successively from 9 to 1. The third number refers to special treatment of the plate’s surface or shape, like coating, extrusion, embossing etc.

1050 ho temper aluminum circle plate for cookware

1050 ho temper aluminum circle plate has a wide range of application. It even has different names in accordance with varied situation, the most well known of which proves to be aluminum circle for cookwares. The main cookware products of it include common pots, inner pots for pressure cookers, large water ladles, small soup ladles, cooking strainers, fishing strainers, pot lids, basins, bowls etc. In a word, you can cook a meal totally by aluminum circle products if you would like. Few metals are suitable raw materials for cookwares because many of them are toxic or bad for people’s health. Through the whole human history the most popular ones have been copper, iron and aluminum. Copper cookware appeared as early as thousands of years ago in ancient China, and it lasted for an extremely long time and then gradually replaced by iron. The problem with both is their being invulnerable to corrosion. Aluminum, however, is endowed with extraordinary corrosion resistance, and even though it gets “rusty”, it does no harm to human health. Modern technology and manufacturing process further help improve its corrosion resistance. What’s more, aluminum cookwares are much lighter, which is really important since they are usually held around the kitchen.

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