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N95 Aluminum Strips

October 10, 2022

N95 aluminum strips stands for the 1060 aluminum strips for making nose bridge of N95 masks. N95 mask nose bar manufacturers analyze the mask nose bar is divided into external and built-in. The external is made of aluminum strip material and the built-in is made of plastic and wire. At this stage, the processing technology of built-in mask nose bar are extrusion type. The main plastic materials for mask nose strips are PP and PE. Among them, the secret formulations of high-pressure polyethylene and polyolefin require the addition of plastic filler masterbatch. Some manufacturers of N95 aluminum nose strips use generic plastic filler masterbatch, which is weak and can easily cause nose rupture. 1060 aluminum strip is used for the nose of the mask to improve the ductility of the mask nose and to prevent the strip from bouncing back when the nose is deprived of external force.

N95 aluminum strips

Commonly used n95 aluminum strips are 3 mm, 5 mm and 8 mm wide. Single cores are usually 3mm, while double cores are usually 5mm and 8mm. For 5mm and 8mm, you can choose to have glue or no glue on the back. Usually, the glue is chosen for ease of production and processing positioning. Hot melt adhesive mask aluminum strips have become the choice for environmentally friendly and easy to glue masks. The 1060 aluminum strip of mask nose bridge can make the mask fit and shape according to different people’s face shape to achieve the effect of anti-virus and dustproof. Therefore, the quality requirements of aluminum masks are very important.


N95 aluminum strips nose bar is made of 1060 grade aluminum material rolls, N95 aluminum nose bar supplier is pre-coated with a layer of environmentally friendly hot melt adhesive on its bottom surface, and then stamped by die-casting machine. 1060 aluminum grade is formed by adding a small amount of copper elements to pure aluminum, which has good forming and processing characteristics, high corrosion resistance, and good weldability. The mask aluminum strips from the mask aluminum strip supplier are coated with uniform glue and have high bonding strength. Professional heating fixture is used for bonding, accurate positioning and easy operation. It is mainly suitable for fixing the noseband of N95 / KN95 / cup / 3D / dust mask. Mask aluminum strips are widely used in consumer industries, such as medical masks, mouthpieces, disposable masks and medical terminals.

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