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Polished Sheet Aluminum Color Coated

September 26, 2022

The color coated polished sheet aluminum is a color coating and roller coating after the aluminum coil is mechanically polished, so that the mirror polished aluminum sheet has various colors, and it also protects the mirror aluminum coil from oxidation, it is a more commonly used mirror polished aluminum plate and strip product. Haomei Aluminum provides various color coated mirror polished aluminum coils and sheet products, which have the advantages of low price and short delivery time. Users are welcome to inquire.

polished sheet aluminum

At present, our company can provide color coated polished sheet aluminum of various colors, and can also produce and process specific color coated mirror aluminum sheets according to user requirements, and provide mirror polished aluminum sheets with rich colors. These multi-color mirror polished aluminum sheet can be used to imitate copper and stainless steel. The decoration effect is high, the reflectivity is high, the surface film is not scratched, and the reflectivity is as high as 85%. It is a high-quality product of color mirror polished aluminum plate. We can provide colored mirror aluminum coils of various colors and thicknesses in small batches, slitting and flattening products of various lengths and widths.


The color coated mirror polished sheet aluminum has a layer of coating on the surface, which protects the mirror surface and prolongs the service life of the mirror aluminum coil. Our company’s color mirror polished aluminum coils and aluminum sheets have the advantages of low price (compared to imported products), low MOQ, and high reflectivity, which are widely used in the building decoration industry.

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