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Marble Grain Coated Aluminum

July 1, 2024

The marble grain coated aluminum is high end color coated aluminum product with beautiful marble and stone look for used in decoration. The base material of marble grain coated aluminum sheet often adopts 1100 H24, 1060 H24, 3003 H24, 5005 H24 and other alloys.

marble grain coated aluminum

Production process of marble grain coated aluminum mainly includes the following steps:

Aluminum substrate coil: choose suitable aluminum coil as the substrate.

Pre-treatment: Pre-treatment of aluminum coil surface such as cleaning, drying and fine straightening.

Chemical Roller Coating: Paint is applied to the surface of aluminum coil by rubber or steel rollers, so that the paint is leveled and aligned.

Drying and curing: The coated aluminum coil is dried and cured at high temperature to form a stable coating.

Printed Texture Coating: Marble texture is printed on the coated surface and baked and cured again.

Varnish baking: Cover the textured coating with a layer of varnish for final baking and curing.

Protective film and packaging: Cold-coating the finished product with protective film, and carrying out inspection and qualified packaging.


Advantages of marble grain coated aluminum:

Corrosion resistance: after special coating treatment, marble grain aluminum sheet has excellent corrosion resistance, able to resist acid rain, air pollution and ultraviolet rays.

UV resistance: the coating can effectively resist the attack of ultraviolet rays and keep the color bright for a long time.

Fire resistance: Aluminum trim is made of high-strength aluminum alloy and fluorocarbon (PVDF) paint or panel, which has good fire resistance.

Self-cleaning: special molecular structure so that dust can not adhere to the surface, with good self-cleaning.

Machinability: good performance of processing technology, can be processed into flat plate, curved plate surface and spherical panel and other complex various geometric shapes.

Environmental protection: made of aluminum-magnesium alloy and other materials, green and environmentally friendly, and light weight, high strength, easy to recycle and reuse.


Marble grain coated aluminum are widely used in the field of architectural decoration, including the decoration of the exterior walls of high-grade residences, commercial buildings, hotels, office buildings and other buildings. Meanwhile, it is also used for interior decoration, such as ceiling, wall, doors and windows. In addition, it can be used in the production of display cabinets, furniture, etc. to increase the texture and aesthetics of products. Its unique texture and color present an original design effect, which is suitable for the decorative needs of various high-grade places.

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