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Wood Color Aluminum Coil

July 8, 2024

Wood color aluminum coil adopts international advanced new pattern decorative materials, high-grade gorgeous pattern, realistic texture, bright color, pattern solid wear-resistant, does not contain formaldehyde and other harmful gases. Wood grain aluminum coil has excellent quality, it is the first choice of materials for high-grade architectural decoration.

wood color aluminum coil

Wood color aluminum sheet is one of the aluminum products with more complex colors. Because its texture is very similar to wood, its decorative effect is excellent. So it is very popular with owners and designers, so its internal use is very high. Because the color of imitation wood grain aluminum coil should be similar to the texture of wood and the color should be close. So in terms of technical difficulty, it is a little more difficult than the production of solid color aluminum coil. In addition, there are many kinds of wood grain, and the grain and color are also very complicated, and a lot of details need to be paid attention to when making.


The performance advantages of wood color aluminum coil are:

First, practicality

Wood grain aluminum coil has good fire resistance, corrosion resistance and moisture resistance. It has a strong hardness, which can effectively prevent breakage. In the process of use can keep a long time without fading, compared with other materials is not easy to chalk, and very easy to clean. Because the material used is better, the cost will be lower and more economical.

Second, safety

Because the surface of wood grain aluminum coil is a layer of wood grain film, rather than other chemical materials. In the decorative materials seriously harmful to human health today, choose to use wood grain aluminum because it does not contain toxic and harmful gases, so do not have to worry about because of decorative hazardous substances and harm to the body, can be very safe and secure to use.

Third, ecological aspects

Because the wood film surface of wood color aluminum coil can choose from a variety of wood, pine, cypress, oak. The choice of different woods is usually based on personal preference. Relatively speaking, it can increase the atmosphere of natural ecological environment.

Fourth, the appearance

The appearance of wood grain aluminum coil is very beautiful and the pattern is gorgeous. The wood grain pattern carved on it can be carefully selected according to the customer’s favorite, and the overall feeling is very real and wonderful.


Therefore, wood color aluminum coil can greatly meet the needs of customers in terms of practicality, safety and appearance, so it is widely loved.

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