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How to Protect Mirror Finish Anodized Aluminium Sheet Surface

August 27, 2018

The protection of mirror finish anodized aluminium sheet surface consists of two parts: protection against chemical reactions and physical damages.

mirror finish anodized aluminium mirror sheet

Chemical reactions are likely to happen between oxygen in the air and active metals like aluminum. In manufacturing process of mirror finish anodized aluminium mirror sheets, a proper amount of other metals such as manganese, magnesium, copper and Zinc are added to aluminum. These metals react with aluminum quickly and aluminum alloys are produced. In spite of better mechanical properties and wider application scope than pure aluminum sheets, the alloys react to oxygen easily. The process of such a reaction is also called corrosion. The surface gets dotted with dark spots of aluminium oxide. Reflective aluminum mirror sheets are known for high brightness and reflectivity, and it would be devastating for them to get oxidized, for they would not be “mirror” sheet any more. To solve the problem manufacturers have the sheets go through an oxidization treatment in production process. This avoids effectively secondary oxidization of mirror finish anodized aluminium mirror sheets in application.

Physical damages refer to scratches, stains, deformation, scuffing etc. Mirror finish anodized aluminium mirror sheets have a layer of protective film on the surface. This protects them against both oxygen and scratches. However, deformation and scuffing usually result from stronger exterior forces. To avoid that polished aluminium sheets should be applied in spacious places free from possibility of strong forces.

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