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1000 Series Aluminum Discs Used for Cookware

August 24, 2018

1000 series aluminum discs include alloys of 1050, 1060, 1070 and 1100. 1000 series of aluminum products contain the highest content of aluminium in all series. They have high plasticity, good corrosion resistance (but not so good as other series) and satisfying conductivity, but their strength is the lower than other series. They can not processed by heat treatment. Contact welding and gas welding are suitable for them. 1000 series aluminum discs are usually made into products based on their properties above. The most popular application is cookware.

1000 series aluminum discs

Cookware made of aluminium circles matches kitchen appliance and furniture easily in style and texture, adding harmony and fashion to the style of a kitchen. As a further processed pure metal material, 1000 series aluminum discs of strengthened oxidation films are endowed with stronger weather resistance, richer color selections and stabler properties. They seldom have chemical reaction with other materials, nor do the cookware gives off any toxic elements in usage. Besides, aluminum cookware is recyclable, causing little negative influence on the environment.

With rapid economic development people’s requirement about cookware has changed dramatically. They are more and more in pursuit of fashionable, environmental and energy-saving cookware. The new material of 1000 series aluminum discs just meet the requirements with their unique advantages. As a professional aluminium circle manufacturer, Haomei supplies aluminum discs of low price, small MOQ and short lead time. Protective films are available for one or both sides of the surface. Welcome to contact us at april@aluminumhm.com for more information!

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