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How to judge the quality of a painted aluminum gutter coil

December 16, 2019

A painted aluminum gutter coil is a color coated aluminum coil used especially for gutter making. It’s usually made of 3xxx aluminium alloys like 3005 and 3003 aluminum coil. These coil rolls have a medium hardness, a good corrosion resistance and a long service life. All of the performances are improved by paint coating on the rolls’ service. It is because of these advantages that the painted aluminum gutter coil is winning increasing popularity in both the aluminium manufacturing and the gutter making industries.

painted aluminum gutter coil

Where there is market, there are traps. To pick high quality painted aluminum gutter coil rolls out of inferior ones, you need to learn the following judgement methods.

First, the surface of the aluminum coil must be clean without impurities, not to mention cracks. The existence of impurities and cracks indicate inferiority of raw materials. In other words, the purity of the aluminium coil is in doubt. It might be made of scrap aluminium.

Second, the surface of the coil should be free from marks from scratches or compression by rolling mills. Otherwise, problems might exist in the manufacturing process, like inappropriate position of roller ends, uneven coating of paints etc.

Third, the surface of the coil should be relieved of obvious indentations, missing coatings, penetrating coating damages, ripples, scratches or blisters.

Fourth, make sure that there is no color difference. As there are hundreds of colors on the color board, it’s easy for green hands to mix adjoining colors up. Two colors might be of great resemblance but the color difference would be obvious after a painted aluminium gutter coil is made into gutters and installed onto a house.

Last but not least, check the thickness of the aluminium part. Some suppliers guarantee only the total thickness of the coil, yet when you observe the section of the coil, you would find that the coating thickness takes up too large a share. Thus make sure that the aluminium thickness is sufficient.

Haomei supplies painted aluminum gutter coil of all regular colors, alloys, thicknesses and widths. Welcome to contact us for more information!

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