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Good price 1100 aluminum foil for fin stock

July 27, 2021

Our good price 1100 aluminum foil for fin stock is a hydrophilic alu foil with excellent isolating condensation and reflecting heat radiation. The thermal insulation layer protects the inner part of the foil from being corroded. The foil on the air conditioner heat exchanger is mainly used for heat exchange. The hardness of the 1100 foil is reflected by the tempers, including O, H22, H24, H26 and H18. Hardness level of the foil does not affect its application conditions unless the foil gets deformed. Excessive hardness might result in the lost of its hydrophilicity and cause the indoor unit to leak water. Generally speaking, the thickness of the foil is from 0.09mm to 0.20mm thick and 200mm to 1400mm wide. The price is reasonable and competitive in the global market.

Rolls of good price 1100 aluminum foil for fin stock

The 1100 alu foil can not be used as a hydrophilic aluminum foil directly. Its surface must be coated with a hydrophilic layer, which prevents condensed water from being left on the fin stock. As a result, the heat dissipation effect gets much better than the foil that’s without a hydrophilic layer, since condensed water reduces the heat dissipation speed of the fins. Haomei good price 1100 aluminum foil for fin stock follows to a standard production control related to many factors such as alloy grades and conditions, fin forming methods, internal structure and performance. The 1100 aluminium alloy has a wide range of applications in aluminum foils for air-conditioning fins. Through the appropriate alloy ratio and fine process control in production, the 1100 alloy can be used in different soft and hard states, and comprehensive adaptability to the existing fin forming methods can be realized.

Haomei supplies 1100 aluminum foil for fin stock of good price, top quality and considerate after-sales service. Welcome to drop an inquiry!

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