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8011 aluminum fin stock price and features

July 26, 2021

The 8011 aluminum fin stock price fluctuates with many factors, including costs of raw materials, fabrication and shipment. In most cases the cost for raw materials is the key factor, thus experienced purchasers are usually able to guess the price based on the aluminium stock price. However, the other two elements can be of great influence on the price of aluminium fin stock as well. In the past months, for example, shipment cost has been soaring owing to the influence of COVID-19. This makes extremely difficult for suppliers to deliver their aluminum foil rolls to their clients in time. Many shipping companies simply double or triple the price for shipment, and some even promote levels of offers from golden clients to regular ones. Not a few aluminium fin stock purchasers have to pay extra money to get their goods in time. Fabrication cost can be raised only when new technology or production lines are adopted, in which case the quality of the 8011 fin stock is usually improved, too. In most cases the price of 8011 aluminum fin stock is $2700 to $3500/mt.

rolls of 8011 aluminum fin stock

The features of Haomei 8011 aluminum fin stock includes straight and smooth surface, excellent coating property, good hydrophillic nature, outstanding corrosion resistance etc. A good plate shape is a prerequisite for the production of air-conditioning aluminum foil. The Haomei workshop is specially equipped with a tension straightening system, which prevents the aluminum foil roll from bending during machine operation and prepares for the coating stage. Among the coated aluminum foils for heat exchange fins, the most commonly used is hydrophilic aluminum foil, and the thickness of the coating film is generally less than 3/1m. Haomei 8011 aluminium fin stock has uniform coating thickness and strong coating adhesion. It has undergone strict abrasion test, cross-cut test and cupping test. The initial hydrophilicity of Haomei aluminum foil a<100, and the hydrophilicity a<250 after the environmental resistance test. The product is resistant to alkali, salt spray corrosion, humidity and heat, and can be safely used in air-conditioning heat exchangers in coastal areas and tropical rain forest areas.

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