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Gold Mirror Sheet

May 23, 2022

Gold mirror sheet are made by rolling to mirror aluminum coils and sheets product, the beautiful gold surface add value. The commonly used codes for pure aluminum mirror sheet series are 1050, 1070, and 1060. Among all aluminum sheet series, pure aluminum sheet series belongs to the series with the most aluminum content. The aluminum mirror sheet products are widely used in lighting, office furniture veneer, cabinet veneer, indoor and outdoor high-end decoration, automotive interior and exterior decoration, household appliances, electronic product shells, signs, jewelry boxes and other related industries.


The color of the mirror aluminum sheet is divided into silver mirror and gold mirror sheet. These too color are common seen, and also the mirror aluminum sheet have other colors, such as black, gold, silver, brown, blue and so on. Mirror gold aluminum sheet is also a very common decorative material now. Its application fields can be said to be very extensive, not only in lamps, but also in car decoration, and also in wall decoration. In terms of applications in various fields, the application in wall decoration is the most extensive. When many people are decorating their houses, they will consider choosing this kind of decoration material for wall decoration.

gold mirror sheet

Many people who have never used aluminum mirror sheet as a wall decoration material may feel that they do not understand this very well. In people’s opinion, to decorate the wall, just use putty powder directly, or directly use putty powder. Tile is also feasible. If you want to decorate better, you can also use wallpaper. If you want to look more colorful, it is also a good way to decorate the wall with paint. Although there are indeed many materials for wall decoration, there are still certain disadvantages in using these materials to decorate the wall, and people cannot ignore these disadvantages.


Decorating the walls with putty powder does not look high-end, and decorating with tiles is too cold and has no aesthetic feeling. The wallpaper decoration must use very environmentally friendly wallpaper, the price required is too high, and the use of paint for wall decoration, and there may be health issues, and people choose the wrong color, and the overall decor can be affected. From this analysis, it is better to choose gold mirror sheet as the material for wall decoration. Using this material for wall decoration can make the whole home decoration style more modern, distinctive and beautiful.

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