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Aluminum Trim Coil Color Chart

May 20, 2022

Looking for aluminum trim coil color chart? Here we Haomei Aluminum offer rich color code, prime quality and good price. The advantages of color coated aluminum trim coil lie in their rich colors, strong decoration, advanced technology, high bending resistance and so on. Common used aluminum trim coils are fluorocarbon color coated aluminum coils and polyester color coated aluminum coils. Haomei aluminum trim coil have high gloss retention, good color stability and minimal change in color difference. The trim aluminum coil color coated have long service life, Polyester paint for 10 years, fluorocarbon paint for more than 20 years.

aluminum trim coil color chart

Common colors of aluminum trim coil color chart are white, black, gray, blue and red. This is used for exterior and interior walls. Buildings using these these colors look grand, solemn and more stylish. Of course, the color of the aluminum trim coil is not limited to these types, as long as it is the color that can be imagined or seen. Color coated aluminum coil manufacturers have color cards for reference. Just one kind of red can distinguish dozens of colors such as bright red, vermilion, bright red, deep red, jujube red, orange red, apricot red, pink, peach red, rose red, etc., so don’t worry whether the color can be realized or not, as long as the design drawings are submitted to the aluminum trim coil manufacturer, the trim aluminum coil manufacturer can adjust the color according to this color and adjust it to a close color sample. In addition, color coated aluminum manufacturers also have special colors such as wood grain color, stone grain color, pearlescent color, etc., which can not only be made into flat colors, but also can be processed into three-dimensional simulation colors through special processes, whether it is feel or appearance, can be basically restored.


The customized service process of the color coated aluminum trim coil manufacturer: first, in the communication link, first offer the aluminum trim coil color chart for customers to choose. Second, let customers provide requirement, so that engineers can provide professional and good solutions. Third, let customers provide detailed product demand information, such as the pattern of the product, the size of the product, the color of the product, the demand of the product, the use of the product, and the packaging requirements, so that the manufacturer can arrange production. Fourth, according to the information provided to the customer and make a final check and confirmation. Fifth, after the confirmation, arrange the production of the order. Sixth, after the production is finished, arrange shipment, logistics tracking, and notify customers to receive the goods.

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