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Coil Stock Aluminum For Tanks of Marine Structures

April 11, 2018

Speaking of marine structures people tend to picture steel profiles in there mind’s eye, which is understandable since there’s a specialized phrase called “stainless steel”. Because of its good anti-rust property stainless steel takes up the largest share of raw material for tankers and vessels. Not all marine structures, however, are made of steel. The fact is, a second most applicable metal alloy, coil stock aluminum, contributes a lot in making up marine sheet metal parts like tanks of liquefied natural gas tankers.

coil stock aluminum

Exposed to all kinds of severe conditions like rain, snow, seawater, sea air, petrol and changing moisture degrees, marine tanks are easily subject to corrosive medium. In this case coil stock aluminum, commonly 5xxx which is renowned for excellent corrosion resistance against sea conditions, is put into good use. Although stainless steel can compete coil stock aluminum in this aspect, it’s much more expensive than the latter. In addition, disqualified steel many get oxidized, which will never occur to coil stock aluminum, because when aluminum gets oxidized, aluminum oxidize is produced. Aluminum oxidize, with extraordinary stability, acts as a protective cover that prevents the inner part from being further oxidized. In this way, the whole marine tank becomes a corrosion resistant body.

The reason why 5xxx aluminum alloy boasts exceptional anti-corrosion property is that it’s an alloy containing magnesium. Magnesium has good weather resistance ability, and after it being combined with aluminum, this favorable ability is kept. Except for marine structures, 5xxx coil stock aluminum is also applicable in aircraft, building and electronic industries. Products like oil tanks of planes, security doors and tread plates are familiar to us. No matter whether you are aware of it or not, coil stock aluminum is guarding your life.

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