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Technical Advantages of Automatic Aluminum Circle Cutting Machine

April 10, 2018

As explained in Simple Introduction to Automatic Aluminum Circle Cutting Machine, there are two types of cutting machines of aluminum circle. The first is small scale type, the other is automatic type. The latter, undoubtedly, boasts higher efficiency and better properties because of its technical advantages.

aluminum circle, aluminum circle cutting machine

First, the automatic aluminum circle cutting machine is of full digital control. Operators do not touch raw materials from the beginning to the end of production process. No temporary manual adjustment is necessary during operation, which is quite different from that of small scale cutting machines. Operation of small machines may entail manual work of adjustment with raw materials, which is likely to lead to safety problems as well as quality problems. Second, the automatic machine goes through less cutting steps than common ones. Coils can be sent directly into the production line without horizontal and vertical cuttings in advance. This not only reduces production cost, but also pulls down possibilities of surface damage to produced aluminum circles. Third, the machine is equipped with precise control system for feeding and cutting processes so that the gaps among circles can be controlled to the smallest degree before cutting. In this way the amount of waste material will be reduced substantially and the use ratio of raw material reaches as much as 80 percent and above. Fourth, the machine boasts quicker production. Not only the quantity of circles is raised per production minute but the module exchanging time is kept within 15 minutes. Circles of larger diameter scope can be produced. The diameter ranks from 85mm to 750mm. Last but not least, quality of aluminum circles can be guaranteed by advanced automatic production units like coil flattening system, flatness correcting unit, mechanical pressing unit and automatic packing unit.

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