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Aluminum Insulation Sheet Coil for Power Plant

April 12, 2018

Nowadays almost no industry can survive without electricity power. Correspondingly power plants have been springing up one after another, especially in newly developed regions which require huge backup power. No matter what kind of power a plant applies as its engine, heat, nuclear or water, one procedure can not be avoided in its building process: insulation of pipeline and equipment. This is a huge market for insulation aluminum sheet coil.

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Entering a power plant few people fail to notice various pipelines coated by aluminum sheet coil. Acting like a heat-retaining coat aluminum sheet coil protects heat distribution pipes, fan ducts and air-conditioner pipes. These pipes, winding and mixing together for tens of kilometers in boiler rooms and steam engine rooms, always become a bright scene with uniform appearance. Apart from pipelines aluminum sheet coil also serves in power plants as components for numerous equipment like electrostatic precipitator, induced draft fan, steam turbine, heating element etc. In construction the machines are first coated with layers of rock wool and then with a thin layer of insulation aluminum sheet coil.

In spite of huge market opportunity manufacturers are still confronted with challenges to sell their products to power plants. The main problem falls on dissatisfying quality. Perfect insulation aluminum sheet coil should be of good gloss, corrosion resistant, high-temperature resistant and colorfast. However, few manufacturers can really reach such requirements. Therefore, the most powerful weapon for manufacturers will not be persevering salesmen but valuable technology. Decades ago Mr. Dengxiaoping said, “Science and technology constitute the primary productive force.” These words are still applicable today. Haomei Aluminum provides insulation aluminum sheet coil of various types, and we’re striving to practise Mr. Deng’s words to make our clients satisfied. Welcome to contact us for more information!

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