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How to Choose Satisfying Aluminum Coil Suppliers in China

April 13, 2018

Many aluminum coil demanders tend to import from China, but most of them are faced with a practical problem: How to choose satisfying aluminium coil suppliers in China?

aluminum coil

Here are some tips. First, analyze a supplier’s website. Although some information on the website might be deceptive, it at least reflects whether a company has enough experience and capital to run its website. Check how many years the supplier has manufactured and exported aluminum coils. Most companies list countries they have exported to. Find out whether it contains your country. If yes, pay attention to its order in the list. Normally most suppliers would list country names in order of frequency and contract amount. If your country is among the first ones, it means the supplier has more experience in exporting aluminium coil to your country. Then check whether the products are clearly classified and described in details. Last, check whether the website contains all necessary parts for an experienced supplier like application cases, company news, product knowledge etc. Second, contact the supplier to check whether its salesmen are experienced enough for you. If he or she is quite familiar with aluminum roll, export procedures, international market and even advantages and disadvantages of other suppliers in China, you may as well move to the next step. Third, most aluminum coil suppliers in China are willing to offer samples. Check whether the sample quality meet your practical needs. Last but not least, you must be clear about your bottom for price. It’s not rare that you may have to choose between price and quality.

What other tips do you have? Welcome to share with us by any contact available.

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