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5052 Aluminum Coil Stock for Diamond Plates

April 16, 2018

As one of the most widely applied type of 5xxx aluminum products, 5052 aluminum coil stock shows all common strengths of 5xxx: light, good tensile strength and most importantly, excellent anti-rust and corrosion resistance ability. In addition, it boasts exceptional corrosion resistance against seawater and salt spray, which makes it a primary candidate for the failure-sensitive large marine structures. Even if you are not familiar with marine transports, 5052 alloy aluminum is also known for its application in our daily life: diamond plates.

5052 aluminum coil, aluminum coil

Diamond plates can be seen almost anywhere, but the precondition is that you must be observant enough. Toilet ceiling boards serve as the most commonly used area. As we said before, 5xxx aluminum coil stock is light and anti-rust, thus it keeps to be beautiful and bright even after being installed years in toilets. Another application turns out to be tread plates in front of stair steps and elevator doors, preventing people from slipping. A third usage falls on decorative wall-boards for large-scale buildings. Conventional centers and large shopping malls take advantage of beautiful profile of this coil stock to attract people. In addition, 5052 aluminium coil stock can also be applied to pipeline covering.

Wide application of 5052 aluminum coil stock stems from its favorable features. It’s of good fatigue resistance, satisfying plasticity and excellent anti-corrosion. It can be welded easily. Its elongation percentage reaches as much as 20%, two times of that of 1060 alloy aluminum coil, another type famous for exceptional elongation percentage. Besides, it’s of unusual anodized property, meeting coating requirement for any color. That’s why it’s also regarded as a candidate of decorative material for electronic products.

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