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China aluminum metal checker plate suppliers analysis

August 21, 2019

When you are searching for aluminum metal checker plate suppliers Google, Facebook or Alibaba, you find out six China suppliers in ten. On the one hand, this means you have multiple choices with China suppliers. On the other hand, however, you may be bewildered, unless you want only China suppliers. Here we give a detailed analysis of aluminum checker plate suppliers in China.

aluminum metal checker plate

Based on rough estimation there are around one thousand suppliers offering aluminum metal checker plate in China through various promotion sources, including websites (at Google and Yahoo), B2B platforms (Represented by Alibaba) and SNS (represented by Facebook). Armed to teeth, China suppliers rank in the first pages of these platforms and websites. The pattern of aluminum plates they offer are five bar, three bar, two bar, one bar, diamond, pebble, hammer, ripple etc, among which five bar and one bar aluminum tread plates are the most representative, exported to high end markets in North America. Asia is China’s largest exporting market. Statistics show that 18% of China’s aluminium alloy plates are exported to North America, 10% are exported to Europe, and 37% are exported to East Asia and Southeast Asia. In recent years, China’s aluminum exports have grown rapidly with the expansion of primary aluminum production capacity, and the growth trend is basically the same. In 2017, China’s aluminum exports were more than doubled in 2011, reaching 4.79 million tons, and exports amounted to 13.9 billion. Dollar. Since 2012, aluminum exports have consistently accounted for 13%-15% of primary aluminum production, and the proportion is relatively stable.

Rapid development of China’s domestic consuming market drives aluminum metal checker plate suppliers to realize technological improvement. In terms of application areas, the construction industry is still the main area of aluminum applications, accounting for 31%. It far exceeds the consumption of other fields and is increasing year by year. Similarly, as China’s industrial level and scale continue to increase, industrial timber production is also rising year by year. For example, in the automobile manufacturing, rail transit, electric power, machinery and equipment manufacturing, home appliances and other industries, the demand for aluminum is also rapidly increasing. New products, new processes, and new-use aluminum materials are constantly appearing, which promotes technological progress and sustained and healthy development of the industry.

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