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Application of Aluminium Sheet Metal in Trailers

August 10, 2018

The application of aluminium sheet metal in trailers proves to be a new breakthrough of the aluminum market. It’s not new for aluminum sheets to be used as components of trailers, but a trailer almost completely made of aluminum must be novel to you. The carriage, side protection, rear protection, traction seat plate, suspension, hinge, awning, rims and suspensions are all made of aluminium sheet metal. In a word, it’s an aluminum trailer except for the axle and springs.

Application of Aluminium Sheet Metal in Trailers

A trailer made of aluminium sheet metal has a weight about 3 tons lighter than steel trailers, which means it can carry extra goods of the same weight and eventually bring about more profit by saving delivery cost. In addition, it reduces fuel consumption even in no-load operation. Data show that once the weight of a trailer is reduced by 1KG, 0.7kg of gasoline can be saved if the trailer travels 10,000 kilometers. Therefore, trailers made of aluminium sheet metal have excellent performance in energy consumption.

Aluminum sheets have good wear and corrosion resistances. Therefore, the maintenance frequency and operating cost of aluminium sheet metal trailers is much less than that of steel trailers. Strong anti-rust property of aluminum makes aluminium trailers more adaptable to the transportation needs of special environments. Further more, aluminium sheet metal has developed into 9 series from 1000 to 9000, among which 6000 series has reached a strength of carbon steel and 7000 alloy steel, not to mention harder 8000 or 9000. Aluminum trailers have a loading capacity doubling carbon steel ones and a quarter higher than common alloy steel ones.

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