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Application of 3000 Series Aluminum Circle Sheet

August 13, 2018

3000 series aluminum circle sheet mainly refers to 3003 and 3004 aluminium discs, the manufacturing process of which can be now achieved on an automatic decoiling and blanking production line. Generally the line can deal with the diameter scope between 20mm and 1200mm. It directly performs blanking processing on the entire roll of aluminum by selecting automatically the appropriate layout method in accordance with the width of raw material coils and the targeted diameter of circles to be produced. Such a production line consists of several sets of equipment, including an uncoiler, a leveling machine, a feeder, a swing unit, a dedicated closed single point mechanical press, a palletizing device, a scrap shearing device, a hydraulic system, an electrical control system and so on.

3000 series aluminum circle sheet

3003 aluminum circle sheet is widely applied in electronic products, insulation, machinery, automobile, space, military industry, mold, construction and printing etc. Its typical applications fall on four aspects: cookware, lighting parts, traffic sign panels and housings for various items. Popular aluminum cookware products include pots, non-stick pressure pots, basins, pans etc. This is because 3000 series aluminum circle sheet has perfect heat conductivity and formability. While being used for lighting parts, the disc is usually polished, anodized and even painted to obtain a mirroring effect. An aluminum 3004 circle with ptfe is an representative of these products that are further processed into lamp covers and reflective ornaments. Owing to excellent corrosion resistance, aluminium circles also win much popularity in outdoor usage like traffic panels. Their shapes are more multiple here. They may be round, triangle or even hexagon. The application of 3000 series aluminum circle sheet in housing is based on its extraordinary corrosion resistance and anodizing effect. Painted layers on battery shells of cell phone last long even being hold by sweaty hands all day long.

Haomei manufactures and supplies aluminum circles of 3003, 1050, 1060, 1070 and 1100. We have twenty years manufacturing experience and over ten years of exporting history. If you are in relative need, welcome to contact us at april@aluminumhm.com for more information!

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