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Anodized aluminum gold mirror sheet suppliers

January 14, 2020

An anodized aluminum gold mirror sheet is obtained by anodizing an aluminium sheet piece during which it acquires a bright gold surface. Anodizing is a high-tech process for producing anodized aluminium sheets. Placed in a chemical solution as the anode, the sheet reacts to the solution under the influence of current sent to the solution, during which a layer of film, known as an anodised film, comes into being on the sheet surface. Anodized films of aluminium products can be impregnated with inorganic or organic dyes. Most suitable for dyed oxide film. It is an oxide film obtained by sulfuric acid anodization. The colored film thickness of an aluminum plate should be no less than 10μm. There are many colors for a to be finished anodized aluminium sheet, but the most frequently applied are gold, rose gold, blue, red and yellow.

anodized aluminum gold mirror sheet

The core difference of an anodized aluminum gold mirror sheet from regular anodizing aluminium sheets lies in its surface. It’s actually a polished aluminum sheet with color. Namely, before being anodized, the raw sheet is polished until its surface reaches an ideal reflectivity. The sheet goes through three steps before being finished: polishing, anodizing and coloring, each of which can be done in various ways. Theoretically all grades of aluminium can be made into gold aluminum mirror sheets. Considering its application scope, however, only those of the most suitable mechanical properties and the best anodizing effect are chosen in practice. 5000 series of aluminium alloy plates have stronger hardness and corrosion resistance than either 1000 or 3000. What’s more, their anodizing effect is excellent. As a result, 5005, 5052 and 5083 become the most popular mirror finish anodized aluminium sheet with colors, used extensively in electronic and domestic appliance products.

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