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Anodized aluminium baking sheet

March 31, 2020

An anodized aluminium baking sheet is an aluminum sheet made especially for baking, represented by 3003, 5005 and 5052 alloys, among which 3003 is the most popular. An anodized sheet differs from regular aluminium sheets in stronger hardness, corrosion resistance and insulation. Anodizing is to take aluminum alloy as anode and form oxide film on its surface by electrolysis. After surface anodizing, a sheet’s corrosion resistance, hardness, wear resistance, insulation, heat resistance, sanitation can be greatly improved. The melting point of hard anodized film reaches 2320k, but common anodized film only 100 degree centigrade. Thus actual performances of an anodized aluminum baking sheet has a lot to do with oxidation conditions, film thickness and sealing conditions.

anodized aluminium baking sheet

At present, baking dies are mainly made of aluminum alloy and carbon steel. Carbon steel is carbon iron alloy, which has the advantages of high hardness, easy smelting and low price. Anodized aluminum sheets have the advantages of good corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity, and are the mainstream raw materials fro baking molds. Some words about harmful residues of aluminium keeps emerging on the internet, which is not scientific, since all metal molds might leave residues, including steel ones. Further more, aluminium sheets can be anodized before being made into dies, and there is no need to worry about the excessive absorption of harmful metal elements by the human body.

Haomei supplies anodized aluminium baking sheets of 1mm to 6mm thick and customized size. Anodizing films can be made as you require. Welcome to contact us for more information!

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