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Anod aluminum mirror sheet used in solar panels and buildings

September 5, 2019

The use of anod aluminum mirror sheet in solar panels and building construction is achieved under the contemporary concepts of saving resources, protecting the environment and reducing pollution. Solar energy originally used iron plates for lighting, but because the iron plates were placed outdoors, it was very easy to rust after a long period of wind and rain. Therefore, stainless steel gradually replaced the iron plates. Although it’s not easy for the stainless steel to rust, it has a general light collecting effect and is not the most ideal solar heat absorbing material.

anode mirror aluminum sheet

After repeated reforms, solar energy has made new breakthroughs in heat-absorbing materials. At present, anod aluminum mirror sheets have become a new generation of heat-absorbing panels, which are very popular in the market. The mirror aluminum plate is extremely resistant to moisture, water, oil and dirt. It does not require special protective measures in the design of the collector and is very resistant to corrosion. Its processing technology is different from the casting of other metals, which greatly increases the contact area between the board surface and the sunlight, and absorbs light energy very well. In addition, its color is close to silver white, which can better reflect the sun. Therefore, the mirror aluminum sheet has played a significant role in the “evolution” of solar energy.

Mirror aluminum plate refers to the treatment of various methods such as rolling, grinding, etc., so that the surface of the aluminum plate has a mirror surface effect, and is as clean as a mirror. An anod mirror sheet has gone through an extra anodizing process to get stronger in corrosion and weather resistance. From a functional point of view, the mirror aluminum plate is suitable for use in the reflective material of the lighting fixture, and its reflection effect improves the luminous effect of the lighting of the lamp. As a widely used environmentally-friendly and energy-saving material, the anod aluminum mirror sheet is a material that is ideal for use in building facades and interiors. Whether it is a world-famous art gallery like the Louvre branch of the French Louvre, or a “Mirror Gallery” installation in unknown buildings, it shows the unparalleled decorative effect of mirrored aluminum sheets.

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