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Introduction to Aluminum Trim Coil

June 1, 2018

Aluminum trim coils are used to create decorative trim accents and architectural design elements. They help to cover and protect hard-to-maintain areas on a home’s exterior. Their application includes trim around windows and doors, flashing around skylights, dormers and lobby, cladding and do-it-yourself projects etc. Owing to their decorative function, alu trim coils are usually painted on one side. Sometimes both sides are painted for special usages. There are usually a broad range of colors to match popular sliding color schemes. Stone and wood grain aluminum trim coil rolls are very popular in house building, too. Customers can choose from high quality finishes of smooth, PVC and wood grain. These abrasion resistant finishes protect aluminum trim coils against cracking, chipping and flaking.

aluminum trim coil

Aluminium trim rolls are easy to cut, bend and shape, which makes it popular in do-it-yourself projects. People can create their own trim styles with a hand brake and then complete a project with color-matched aluminum finishing nails. The trim coils boast all advantages of aluminum coils. They are light, corrosion resistant, water-proof and flexible in hardness. Good quality coils last for decades, withstanding the severest elements. Almost maintenance-free, they decorate homes and yards with a lifetime beauty.

Like other aluminum products, pe, pvdf and pvc aluminum trim coil products are environmentally friendly. Boasting high recyclable value, they can be reused ever and ever to a certain degree. If you are an enthusiast in do-it-yourself projects, just have a try to decorate your own house with them!

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