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Manufacturing Process of Aluminium Slug for Tubes

May 31, 2018

Manufacturing process of aluminium slug for tubes consists of melting, hot&cold rolling, punching, annealing, surface treatment and packaging.

aluminium slug for tubes

At the beginning of melting, aluminum ingots are put into a melting pot which is heated to melt the ingots. Melted aluminum liquid is stirred continuously, and aluminum dross is removed from the liquid at the same time. When the liquid gets clean and even enough for rolling, it is discharged through outlet of the melting pot, the temperature of which must be just right for the liquid. The liquid has also to go through a filtration process before being poured into a casting machine which rotates at an even speed to make aluminum liquid form into strips of given thickness and width around the casting wheel. The aluminum strips are then treated immediately by a hot roller. After a short of cooling, the strips go through a cold rolling step, during which it’s pressed into coils of desired thickness. In the punching process aluminum coils are first flattened and then punched into aluminum slugs of set size. The slugs falls down on a conveyor, and aluminum wastes are cut into pieces and sent back to the melting pot. The purpose of annealing is to reduce strength and improve ductility of aluminum slug for tubes. The whole procedure lasts about 12 hours. Surface treatment helps to obtain aluminium slug for tubes with rough surface. The slugs are kept rolling and knocking with each other in a machine. Then finished slugs is packaged automatically. The packaging machine send slugs into each box until it comes to a set weight. Generally speaking, 40 boxes are placed together on a wood tray that is wrapped safely for long travels.

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