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Aluminum strip with holes

May 24, 2019

Aluminum strip with holes is not a regular type of aluminum strip that appear in rolls. It’s actually a kind of aluminum extrusion with given thicknesses, lengths and heights. The thickness usually ranges from 0.4mm to 2mm, length from 1m to 3m and height from 8mm to 12mm. Given that common aluminum strip for transformer winding is only around 1mm thick, aluminum strip with holes is really thick. The strip is punched with holes to meet various installation requirements. Shapes of the wholes include square, round, triangle, rectangle, diamond and so on. Clients can customize shape patterns as they need.

This shows a piece of aluminum strip with holes.

Surface treatment methods for the aluminum strip with holes are various. Almost all regular methods for aluminum strips are suitable here, such as anodizing, brushing, coating, wood grain transfer and so on. The most popular colors are black, silver and gold, but any color is available as long as you want. The strip profile is featured by simple and easy installation, nice straightness and smoothness, high corrosion resistance as well as high weather resistance. It covers such a wide scope of applications that we have to list them individually as below.

An aluminum strip with holes can be used for transition strip carpet to tiles, nosing strips, edge trim protection, transition expansion joint cover strip, tile trim Corner guard outside, tile edge trim on shower outside corner wall and curb, smart tiles finishing edge, tile edge trim in tile accessories section, edge designs for back spashes, smooth finish silver aluminum external edge tile trim, tile transition pieces for floor and decor, straight edge tile trim, L shaped tile trim, floor cover edge of unglazed, square edge tile trim, box edge tile trim, double rail edging profile for bonding tiles, edge protection profile for outside corners, tiles edges on walls, round edge tile trim black, trim to floor tiles and so on.

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