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Aluminum sheet mirror for COB

May 23, 2019

The aluminum sheet mirror serves as the most suitable raw material for COB, short for chip on board, a kind of sealing method by which the semiconductor chip is placed on the printed circuit board, and the electrical connection between the chip and the substrate is achieved by a wire stitching method and covered with a resin to ensure reliability.

This shows aluminum sheet mirror for COB.

As a material for COB, the aluminum sheet mirror minimizes thermal resistance and provides excellent thermal conductivity for the mirrored aluminum substrate; it is extremely superior in mechanical properties compared to thick film ceramic circuits. In addition to regular features above, our sheets have extra advantages. They meet RoHs requirements are more suitable for SMT process. Boasting extremely effective treatment of thermal diffusion in the circuit design scheme, they help to reduce the operating temperature of the module and prolong the service life. Our mirror finish anodized aluminum sheet substrates can effectively improve power density and reliability and reduce the assembly of heat sinks and other hardware (including thermal interface materials), reduce product size, reduce hardware and assembly costs and optimize the combination of power circuits and control circuits. They can replace the fragile ceramic substrate and offer a better mechanical durability.

We supply aluminum sheet mirror for COB and other usages. As a 20-year manufacturer and 11-year supplier, we have built relationship with clients from over 70 countries. Welcome to send inquiries!

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