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Aluminum Skin Sheets For Trailer

April 3, 2023

Aluminum skin sheets for trailer is mainly built for light weight, aesthetics, anti corrosion, anti rust and safety. In the trailer body application, there are mainly 3003 aluminum skin sheet and color coated aluminum sheet two kinds of materials. Many foreign trailers are made of aluminum. Aluminum trailer skin material density is small, so the quality is lighter compared to fiberglass, more conducive to the creation of lightweight trailers, reduce the trailer’s center of gravity and total mass, and can greatly improve safety when driving. The use of aluminum trailer body, while ensuring lightweight, can also improve the structural strength, even if the vehicle overturned, can also maintain the integrity of the carriage structure, the maximum degree of passenger safety.

aluminum skin sheets for trailer

The purpose of using aluminum skin sheets for trailer is to reduce weight, mainly used for the body, floor and roof of high-grade RV. The material of aluminum sheet for trailers is 3003 H18, it is very light, high flatness, good flame retardancy, high bending strength, compressive strength and peeling strength. The advantage of aluminum sheet for trailer skin is also higher flatness, more beautiful body box and longer service life. Due to its economy, durability, stability and most importantly, practicality, aluminum skin sheet has been widely used by RV manufacturers around the world.


The 3003 series aluminum skin sheets for trailer is a popular product in the aluminum-manganese alloy series. Thanks to the manganese alloy element, 3003 aluminum sheet has excellent rust resistance properties. In addition, due to light weight and machinability considerations, 3003 aluminum sheet is used as a representative material for automotive lightweighting. Compared with traditional materials, aluminum trailers have multiple superior properties such as light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, good shock absorption, long service life, etc. The weight is reduced for easy transportation, and the structure is solid and impact resistant, safe and environmentally friendly without odor.

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