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aluminum skin sheets for trailer

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aluminum skin sheets for trailer

Aluminum Skin Sheets For Trailer

Aluminum skin sheets for trailer is mainly built for light weight, aesthetics, anti corrosion, anti rust and safety. In the trailer body application, there are mainly 3003 aluminum skin sheet and color coated aluminum sheet two kinds of materials. Many foreign trailers are made of aluminum. Aluminum trailer skin material density is small, so the quality is lighter compared to fiberglass, more conducive to the creation of …

aluminum trailer skin sheets

Aluminum Trailer Skin Sheets

The aluminum trailer skin sheets is a thin aluminum sheet covering the outer surface of the trailer body frame. The use of the trailer skin material affects the surface quality of the trailer body. With the requirements of environmental protection and energy saving, the trailer skin has also opened the road of light weight, and the trailer skin aluminum sheet can be made of 3003 aluminum sheet, with white …

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