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Aluminum plate alloy 5754 h111

June 24, 2021

Aluminum plate alloy 5754 h111 is an Al-Mg aluminium product with medium strength. The plate belongs to high-strength aluminum alloys, though it’s weaker than 5052 and 5083. The h111 temper stands for a hardness only a little stronger than O, thus the strength of 5754 h111 is far weaker than the alloy plate of other tempers. Lower hardness, however, indicates better bending performances. This makes it a perfect material for tankers, automobiles and other products requiring excellent toughness. Main features of the 5754 h111 aluminum alloy plate include low density, high strength, good mechanical properties and prominent corrosion resistance.

Aluminum plate alloy 5754 h111

Owing to the low density of the plate, it’s adopted by the automobile and other vehicle industries. The adoption of 5754 aluminum plate helps auto makers to realize light weight of cars without reducing their safety rate. 5754 aluminum alloy plate is much lighter than steel plates, cutting down the overall weight of a car substantially. Excellent welding property of the alloy eliminates the possibility of crack tendency, while improves the weld appearance and strength. The elongation of the plate is excellent, with a tensile strength from 165MPa to 265MPa. Because of these advantages as an auto material, aluminum plate alloy 5754 h111 finds its wider applications in coach skins, cargo bodies, storage tanks, pressure vessel equipment, ship structures and marine supporting facilities, logistics transportation tanks and so on.

Haomei supplies top quality 5754 h111 aluminum plate alloy of 0.15mm to 600mm thick, 20mm to 2650mm wide and 500mm to 16000mm long. We guarantee high-quality processing performance indicators, good corrosion resistance, high fatigue strength, high weldability data, and high compressive strength. We take pride in our strict quality control and large orders from internationally famous auto and bus manufacturers. If you are from the shipbuilding or tanker industry, relative certifications can be provided.

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