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6mm 5754 aluminum checkered plate

June 23, 2021

The 6mm 5754 aluminum checkered plate is a popular product of Haomei. Among alloys of aluminum checkered plates, 5754 stands out with medium strength, good corrosion resistance and excellent forming ability. The content of around 3% magnesium improves its hardness and anti-rust performance, and reduces its weight in a certain way. It’s weaker than 5052 in hardness and erosion resistance, not to mention 5083. A relatively low content of magnesium, however, reduces its cracking possibility. Because of the features above, 5754 aluminum plate is applied to fields requiring good forming ability, low density and excellent corrosion resistance, such as high-speed rail noise barriers, tanker materials, aluminum alloy doors and windows, construction panels, vehicle panels, oil tanks and so on.

6mm 5754 aluminum checkered plate

The regular thickness scope for aluminium checkered plates ranges from 1.2mm to 8.0mm, but most plates required by clients are less than 5mm thick. Thus a 6mm 5754 aluminum checkered plate is relatively thick. This, however, influences little in the manufacturing part. The key to judging the quality of an aluminium checkered plates lies in a plate’s surface quality, especially the pattern quality like gloss, height, clearness and so on. Haomei 5754 aluminium checkered plates of 6mm thick meet all standards mentioned above. In addition, we guarantee the purity and quality of our raw blanks. The plates can be polished and coated to cater for diverse application cases.

Haomei 6mm 5754 aluminum checkered plates find their applications in tankers, coaches, cars, trucks, trailers, fire engines, trains, vans etc. No matter what vehicle they are applied to, they show satisfactory hardness, wear resistance and service life. What’s more, such a thick plates not only functions as an anti-skid or decorative panel, but also bears some weight if needed. Any other potential applications requiring similar features of aluminium plates can be met by the plate, too. The price of the plates fluctuates day to day, and a specific price can only be given after you send details of the plate you need.

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