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Aluminium Strip 1mm Used for Sign Making

November 26, 2018

In addition to labels, aluminium strip 1mm can also be used for sign making. Suitable alloys include 1060, 1070, 1100, 3003, 5052 and 8011. Sign making refers to the making of various advertising letters, channel letters, logos, instruction signs etc. These signs are usually placed outdoors, and some are fixed on the wall. No matter whether they are indoors or outdoors, they are expected to last as long as possible. Plastic signs are light and durable indoors, but they are less vulnerable to extreme temperatures and sunshine. They get fragile soon after long-term exposure to the sunshine, and deformed after bearing heat or cold. The application of aluminium strip 1mm, on the other hand, entail no such problems. As a metal, the strip is able to withstand extreme hotness in summer and extraordinary coldness in winter. Exposure to the sunshine may make it less shiny, but it will never decay.

aluminium strip 1mm

In comparison to other metal materials, aluminium strip 1mm are used for sign making because of its cheap price and excellent workability. Aluminium is the second largest metal element in the earth’s crust, which means it can be obtained in large quantities as long as relative technology is developed enough. The fact is, processing technology is aluminum has become quite mature either in China or around the world. Take aluminum strip for example, it can be as thin as several microns and as wide as over 1000mm, and it can be quite thick but narrow, too. Rich resource and mature technology pave the way for large-scale production of aluminum strip of varied specifications, including that of 1mm, 2mm and even thicker ones. According to the market rule, aluminum strip price is correspondingly cheaper and cheaper. The tensile strength of aluminum is only second to gold and silver, two expensive metals that are impossible to be applied widely. At O state, aluminum strip 1mm can be bent, cut and made into shapes almost at will. It can be coated with colored painted of strong adhesive property, which substantially extends its already long service life as a material for outdoor signs.

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