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Aluminium Slug Shot Blasting

July 12, 2022

Aluminium slug shot blasting is a kind of aluminum slugs product with higher surface quality because of the shot blasting process. Generally, the common aluminum slugs are mainly 1050, 1060, 1070 soft or semi-hard, which will not crack in the stamping, spinning and other steps in the later production process. Capacitor shells, hoses, toothpaste close up, lipstick tube, bottle cap and aluminum shells of various specifications extruded from aluminum slugs have good heat dissipation, no rust, light material and long service life.

aluminium slug shot blasting

The aluminium slug shot blasting is produced by pure aluminum ingot, so the price won’t be high, for small tubes and shells, aluminum slugs can be seen as good raw material. Aluminum is light and beautiful, for making the surface of aluminium slugs better, a shot blast process is added to production procedure of aluminum slugs. The shot blasting means that the steel shot or iron shot hits the surface of the aluminum slugs part at a high speed, causing the lattice distortion on the surface of the part to increase the surface hardness. Shot blasting is often used to clean the surface of castings or to strengthen the surface of parts.


The shot blasting process is not necessary but it has big advantages than ordinary aluminum slugs manufacturing. There are two main purposes of aluminium slug shot blasting:

1, Strengthen the surface quality.

2, Finishing the surface. Application of aluminum slugs have good fluidity and plasticity.

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