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Nose Wire Bridge Strip Aluminum

July 8, 2022

The nose wire bridge strip aluminum is an aluminum strip inside the mask, which plays the role of fixing the mask on the bridge of the nose. The aluminum strip for nose wire bridge should be strong and durable, the appearance is beautiful, uniform in thickness, the wire has good toughness, it is not easy to break and bends and deforms with external force, and it does not rebound when it loses external force. Aluminum nose wire bridge strip has the function of shaping the nose bridge of the mask and bundling and fixing items.

nose wire bridge strip aluminum

As the COVID-19 haven’t finished yet, the mask is an protection item that we need everyday, the nose bridge of mask is considered to be very important for ensure the mask protection effect besides of non-woven fabric and Meltblown cloth. Therefore, the mask manufacturers are eager to find nose wire bridge strip aluminum, because aluminum mask nose bridge is better than plastic mask nose bridge while using. The aluminum strip for nose wire bridge produce by Haomei Aluminum have recognized by customers and we have advanced production machine and also technology, we can product according to customers requirement, the surface can be smooth, embossed or with glue.


The detailed specification of nose wire bridge strip aluminum manufactured by Haomei Aluminum are:

Alloy and temper: 1060 H24, 1060 O, 1050 o

Size: 0.5*5*90mm, 0.8*5*90mm, 1.0*5*90mm.

Features: strong paste, no degumming, bending resistance, no breakage, smooth surface without burrs, no scratches, smooth oval angle, no rebound after bending, good shaping effect.

Scope of application: mainly used for KN95 masks/N99 masks

Product features: safety and environmental protection, in line with export standards, good shaping effect, can effectively fit the mask and facial skin, and give full play to the role of the mask.

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