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Checker Plate Sheets

July 18, 2022

The checker plate sheets hot sale on the market is made of pure aluminum and aluminum alloy. There are also steel checker plate, but it is heavy than aluminum, so aluminum checker plate sheet is more famous on anti slip application. The specifications of the checkered plate sheet on the market are not the same, but there are many kinds. In fact, checker plate sheet specifications are mainly composed of thickness and width. It is understood that its thickness is generally between 1.5 and 9.75mm, and the commonly used ones are 2-7.75mm; the width is generally between 1010-1500mm, and the common ones are 1250mm and 1500mm.

checker plate sheets

In some calculated values, there is often a little error, so the actual product’s checker plate sheets specifications will also have deviations, so let’s take a look at its allowable deviation value. For example, when the checker plate thickness is 2.5-3.5mm, the allowable deviation from the standard is 0.3mm; when the checker plate sheet thickness is 4mm and 4.5mm, the allowable deviation is 0.4mm; when the thickness of aluminum checker plate sheet is 5mm and 5.5mm, the allowable upward and downward deviation is allowed. The deviation is 0.4mm and the downward deviation is 0.5mm; when the checker plate sheets thickness is 6mm, the upward deviation is 0.5mm and the downward deviation is 0.6mm.


The pattern on this kind of aluminium checker plate sheets focuses on anti-skid and good-looking. In addition, the steel plate formed by the combination has more advantages, whether it is anti-skid performance, anti-deformation ability, or the comprehensive effect of saving metal amount and appearance, etc., it is obviously better than the simple pattern checker plate. In addition, the surface of the aluminium checker plate shall not have bubbles, nodules, cracks, folds and impurities, and the aluminum plate shall not have delamination.

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