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Aluminium Slug for Tubes Applied in Pharmaceutical Packaging

June 20, 2018

As elaborated in Application of Aluminium Slug for Tubes, aluminium slug for tubes can be processed into not only tubes but also cans, shells and housings for various usages. One of its most popular application proves to be pharmaceutical packaging.

aluminium slug for tubes

Aluminium slug for tubes is not the only aluminum-related product for pharmaceutical packaging. An even more ordinary product turns out to be aluminum foil used in sealing capsule and pill boards as well as plastic bottles. We are quite familiar with it because we take these drugs frequently to fight against colds in winter. Non of the seals, however, is made of aluminium slug for tubes. How aluminum slug is applied in pharmaceutics, then? In China almost every one has the experience of taking anti-virus liquid drugs contained in thin glass bottles. They are sealed by thick rubber caps shelled by a thin layer of silver metal with a little hole in the middle. To take the medicine, you can choose either to stick a plastic drinking straw through the cap or to tear the metal cover out and remove the cap. Soft as it seems, the metal layer hurts your fingers easily if you are not careful enough while tearing it off, during which you usually have to apply a knife or a pair of scissors. This thin layer of metal is made of aluminum slug for tubes. In spite of its small size, it functions as an essential protector for the drugs against alien moisture, bacteria and other possible materials. It helps seal drugs by pressing the rubber cap tightly onto the bottle, withstanding corrosion and pressure from outside.

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