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Aluminium foil coil for pharmaceutical packaging

June 19, 2020

Haomei aluminium foil coil for pharmaceutical packaging includes 1100, 8079, 8021, 8011, 3003, 1235 and 5052. Thickness is from 0.015mm to 0.2mm. Each of these alloys has its own advantages in medicine packaging.

1100 aluminium foil boasts nice forming ability, erosion resistance, heat conductivity and strength. It’s easy to form, prevents alien bacteria outside and balances temperature of packed medicine well.

Aluminium foil coil for pharmaceutical packaging

8079 aluminum foil coil ranks top among alu foil rolls in strength, elongation rate and tensile strength, featured by excellent resistance to moisture, air, light and wearing, as well as graceful silver gloss matching designs and logos of varied colors that can be painted onto the foil surface conveniently. 8079 is a typical material for medical packaging in the pharmaceutical industry.

8021 aluminium foil has characteristics of excellent light and moisture shielding abilities, and high sanitation level. Haomei is able to supply 8021 aluminium foil for pharmaceutical packaging of 0.018mm to 0.2mm thick and up to 1645mm wide. The foil is suited to further processes of composition, design printing and glue coating.

8011 is a universal alloy for aluminium foil coil of all applications, including food packaging, tapes, medicine packaging, bottle cap sealing etc. We can supply 8011 coil of thickness up to 0.5mm. The typical temper for 8011 pharmaceutical packaging foil is H18, which means work hardened to 100% hardness (fully hardened). 8011 shows outstanding performances in convex value, sealing effect and strength as a medicine foil.

3003 is not a popular alloy among aluminium foil rolls. It’s more frequently made into coil and sheet types for industrial parts and cookware, although some clients do require 3003 for pharmaceutical packaging or food packaging. As a foil it also serves as a packaging material for electronic products.

1235 aluminium foil contains at least 99.35% aluminium, featured by satisfying anti-rust ability, forming ability and welding ability. 5052 is the only 5xxx seri aluminum coil that is made into foil rolls, used mostly in food container making rather than pharmaceutical packaging.

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