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6000 series aluminum coil

June 22, 2020

6000 series aluminum coil includes 6061 and 6063, both of which rank top in quality of aluminium alloy products. In comparison to 1xxx, 3xxx and 5xxx alloys, 6xxx series aluminium coil can be heat treated to obtain a better stretching property. Containing magnesium and silicon, it resists to erosion and stands out in hardness. Although it’s not so hard as 2000 or 7000 aluminium alloys, 6000 series aluminium coil and sheet shows excellent processing properties, satisfying anti-corrosion performance, high toughness, strong forming ability, dense structure, good welding and electric coating properties and prominent anodizing results.

6000 series aluminium coil

The specification of 6000 series aluminium roll we supply:

Alloy: 6061 6063

Temper: O, T4 , T6

Category: 6xxx series aluminium alloy coil

Type and shape: roll, slit roll, filmed roll, anodized roll

Further process: slitting, rolling, filming

Thickness: 0.3-6.0mm

Width: 6-2200mm, strip available

Inner core: 75/150/300/500, paper core available

Standard: National standard GBT3880-2020, 2020 American standard, ASTM, European standard EN AW

Technical parameters: tensile strength 150~290; yield strength 85~240; depending on the specific thickness and condition, please consult sales

Packaging and shipping: wooden cases or pallets, eye to sky or eye to wall

6000 seri aluminum coil is applied in aerospace fixtures, electrical fixtures, automated machinery parts, precision machining, mold manufacturing, electronics and precision instruments, SMT, PC board solder carriers, etc. Haomei supplies aluminium coil strip products of precise width control and our thick roll slitting process wins wide popularity. We can offer coil strips as thin as 0.1mm. Welcome to send inquires by leaving messages or email to april@aluminumhm.com for a price!

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