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Aluminium EN AW 5083 H111

April 19, 2024

Aluminium en aw 5083 h111 is a 5000 series aluminum grades mainly used in shipbuilding, automobiles, aircraft weldments, subway light rail, pressure vessels resistant to strict fire protection (e.g., liquid tankers, reefer trucks, refrigerated containers), as well as in the industries of drilling equipment, transportation equipment, missile parts, and armor.

aluminium en aw 5083 h111

Some suppliers offer 5083 H111 aluminum sheet in thicknesses ranging from 0.18 to 12.0mm, which can meet a wide range of applications. Meanwhile, the 5083 h111 aluminum plate also has a large selection of widths, with common widths ranging from 100 to 2650mm. However, there are other suppliers offering 5083 H111 aluminum plate with different specifications. For example, there are 5083 aluminum plates with a thickness of up to 0.3~500 mm and a width range of 100~2650mm. Aluminum plates with such specifications are suitable for large-scale engineering projects and occasions that require high strength and high corrosion resistance.


The performance characteristics of aluminium en aw 5083 h111 are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Excellent corrosion resistance:

5083 H111 aluminum sheet has excellent corrosion resistance, especially in marine environments, which makes it an ideal choice for marine grade aluminum sheet.

Good machinability:

5083 H111 aluminium plate is properly work-hardened and has sufficient strength to meet the machining requirements of various complex structures.

High Strength:

5083 H111 aluminum plate has high strength among aluminum and magnesium alloys, making it excellent in applications where it is required to withstand high pressure or loads.

Good welding performance:

5083 H111 aluminium plate has excellent arc welding and resistance welding performance, making it perform well in the welding process.


To sum up, aluminium en aw 5083 h111 is widely used in many industries for its excellent corrosion resistance, processing performance, high strength and good welding performance. For 5083 aluminum plate, there are also other tempers, like 5083 O aluminum plate, 5083 H116 aluminum plant, 5083 H321 aluminum plate and so on. It should be noted that different application scenarios may have different performance requirements for aluminum plates, so when choosing aluminum plates, you need to consider them according to specific needs.

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