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Aluminium coil alloy – 8011 /1060/1070

March 19, 2020

Aluminium coil alloy – 8011 /1060/1070 refers to three kinds of alloys by coil type: 8011, 1060 and 1070. They are between 0.09mm and 8mm thick, and 8011 is usually thinner than the other two, because it’s made into foil rolls for various packaging. Width and length can be customized.

aluminium coil alloy 8011 1060 1070

Regular thickness of 8011 aluminum coil ranges from 0.09mm to 0.2mm. The most popular temper is O. Although many other alloys fall on the scope of aluminum foil (like 1235, 1070, 1100, 1060, 3003, 8021, 8079 and 5052), 8011 is the only one covering all aspects in application, used in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetic packaging and kitchen cooking. To meet requirements of all these uses, 8011 aluminum foil has to be clean, healthy and smooth enough. Oil stains or heavy metals are not allowed.

Both 1070 and 1060 aluminum coil rolls belong to 1xxx pure industrial aluminum, featured by simple process, low hardness, good corrosion resistance and low price. 1060 contains 99.6% aluminum, and 1070 99.7%. The higher the aluminum content a grade has, the soft it is. In this regard, 1060 and 1070 are the softest of all in 1000 series (the other two are 1050 containing 99.5% aluminum, and 1100 containing 99%). In spite of low hardness, they cover a wide scope of application from chemical containers to wall cladding, benefiting from cheap price.

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