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Aluminium Alloy Sheet 5083

October 31, 2022

The development of aluminium alloy sheet 5083 has brought the 5083 aluminum plate to a market climax in marine and trailer tank industry. Due to the high performance requirements of the marine aluminum plate, especially in the underwater part of the hull, the performance requirements of the aluminum plate are more stringent. For a long time, the marine aluminum plate market has been Occupied by companies from Europe, America and South Korea, a large number of Chinese manufacturers are either unable to produce or have poor quality, and it is difficult to obtain international certification. But now, more and more 5083 aluminium plate manufacturer in China have the ability to produce 5083 aluminum plate with temper of O, h32, h111, h112, h114, h116, h321 and so on.

aluminium alloy sheet 5083

Chinese aluminium alloy sheet 5083 manufacturer has spared no effort in the research and development of 5083 aluminium plate, and has become a representative well-known enterprise in world market. With advanced production equipment and mature technical experience, Haomei Aluminum has made a gratifying breakthrough in the production of 5083 marine aluminum plate, the produced aluminum alloy sheet 5083 are applied to shipbuilding, tanker body making, tooling pate making, mold plate making and so on.


The aluminium alloy sheet 5083 offered by Haomei Aluminum has high strength, corrosion resistance and light weight. It has signed cooperation agreements with many shipyards and yacht yards, and also exported a large number of foreign products. The quality can completely compete with enterprises in Europe and the United States.

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